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Big Happy Planner Unboxing and Flip Thru

All new flip thru for the Big Happy Planner box – the large size undated, released mid-year May 2017. I am in love with this planner. I hope this video helps you with planning your planners!

Big Happy Planner Flip Through

Click to view this flip through on YouTube.

Product Details and Links

This package is available now on Amazon along with a variety of other Big Happy Planners and Classic size dated and undated, box sets and stand alone. Have fun shopping! See details on accessories below.

You can add full, letter size pages to your new Big HP.

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Me & My Big Ideas

If you’re looking for some Big HP accessories, there are a ton to choose from! Just make sure that whatever you pick says “The Big Happy Planner.” The stickers, especially, are confusing because the packages are so similar.


Big Punch
If you’re getting the Big HP and want to add letter sized printables or just paper, you’ll need the punch. Their (currently pink) Big HP punch does 11 mushroom holes and also has guides to line up a page for 9 to fit your Classic.

Interchangeable Covers
You could easily DIY a planner with the punch, discs, covers and folders (below). Or grab a few extras to spice things up though the year.


The Big HP ones have the pink semi-circle identifying them as Big!

Expander Discs
If you are adding printables, I’d highly recommend these. They are the same size for the Classic and Big HP. They makes turning pages so much smoother. There are only 9 per pack. Make sure to order 2 for your Big HP!

What’s your favorite Happy Planner size? Mini, Classic, or Big? Tell me in the comments below!

If you love the Big Happy Planner, take a look at these home finance printables FREE and in five colors. Print, punch, and stay organized all in one planner!

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