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Costco Happy Planner Flip Through

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Check out a quick flip thru of the Happy Planner 24 Month Creative Calendar package from Costco. Available now for $24.95. Update May 16: I have heard that this package is on sale in some Costcos for as low as $19.95. This package is also now available to purchase through Amazon here if you don’t have a Costco membership.

Working on completing my 2017 planner stack. I’m back up to five planners again! My final – no I really mean it, my FINAL purchase for 2017 was the 24 Month Creative Calendar bundle by Happy Planner from Costco. I’ll be using the HP as my personal daily/weekly calendar.

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This package is now available here on Amazon Prime.

Before you buy, take a look through both calendars and all of the accessories included in the package in my unboxing video below.

YouTube Video: The Happy Planner Flip Thru Costco Bundle 2017 2018

The Costco bundle was an amazing $24.95 for the whole package. If you’re not a Costco Member, I’ve included some affiliate links for similar products from Amazon. The items may be slightly different – colors and amount of stickers, for example, but you can put together a similar package for 2017 without the $50 Costco membership fee, too.

Happy Planner Costco Back.png

Click images below for similar Happy Planner package and HP accessories available through

24 Month Creative Planner Package
Now Available on Amazon

Happy Planner


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