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FREE Hand Drawn Stickers + Fun & Fancy Colorful Fall Stickers!

I’m so excited to share some fun and fancy hand drawn stickers along with all my favorite colorful stickers for fall! Because, really, there needs to be more color and less brown in our planners this fall.

Read on to find my favorite printable planner stickers for fall and grab your free hand drawn stickers at the end of this post!

Colorful fall stickers and bullet journal style hand drawn stickers for your planner!

What happened to all the fall colors?

November – the time of year when all the planners turn… brown. Of all the beautiful colors of fall, the one that stands out to me is sad, sad brown. Call it coffee. Taupe. Beige. Ugh.

Halloween is fun, but after a couple weeks of Halloween stickers I’m ready to expand into all the beautiful colors of fall. I want Reds! Oranges! Purples! Yellows! But the November kits I find are always so… neutral.

No, I refuse! I will only use colorful fall stickers! I hereby declare this year No Brown November!

Hand Drawn Stickers, Colorful Fall Stickers

Colorful Fall Stickers

Colorful Fall StickersOne problem, colorful stickers for fall are HARD to find! Don’t worry, I’ve done the leg work.

I’ve collected some of the cutest, autumn themed sticker kits to use this month, and added a hand drawn sticker printable for you. Join me in my quest of ridding the planners of brown!

Join the movement. No brown this November!

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When Halloween is in the Middle of the Week…

Colorful Fall Stickers for your PlannerMy Planner Envy has the perfect printable stickers for the week of Halloween. I want my planner to look festive, but Halloween falls mid-week. I don’t want to stare at witches and pumpkins all week long.

Green, purple, orange, and grey is the perfect pallette for a festive Halloween and a sophisticated start to November. I chose orange, green, and black washi from Happy Planner to coordinate.

Download the Purple Fall Sampler from My Planner Envy.

View Weekly Bullet Journal with Dutch Door Weekly View, Stickers
on YouTube

Colorful Fall Stickers

I found not one but TWO colorful fall sticker kits from Fit Life Creative. Pallets of green, yellow, orange, and blue celebrate the beauty of fall, and the cute patterns will make my to-do’s way fancier.

Colorful Fall Planner Stickers

I have a special place in my heart for foxes. The Fall Fox printable is adorable.

Fall Fox Sampler Video

Autumn Leaves is my next favorite with fun leaf patterns and textures. This one will be perfect for Thanksgiving week. Doodle a few turkeys and I’m all set! The washi I chose is from Happy Planner.

Autumn Leaves Sampler Video

Hand Drawn Stickers for Fall!

Inspired by my Breezy Leaves printable planners I’ve created some hand drawn stickers for a very fancy fall. Autumn is severely lacking in Pink so I paired some sweet pink, black, and white washi from Happy Planner.

Hand Drawn Stickers

I love the bullet journal style because you have so much flexibility with coloring and planning. These stickers are a nice companion to my bullet journal. I have been using a large composition book for my weekly/daily planning because I need a LOT of space for day-to-day lists.

View Nov 7 Weekly Bullet Journal, Dutch Door, Stickers

Free Printable Hand Drawn Stickers for YOU!

This free printable download is for personal use only.
Download your hand drawn stickers here.

Hand Drawn Stickers

Printing Your Hand Drawn Planner Stickers

Printing your hand drawn sticker is super simple whether you’re creating your own stickers or pasting your printable into your planner.

Using Sticker Paper:

  • Print on full-sheet shipping labels
  • Cut out your stickers with a pair of clean, sharp scissors
  • Remove the backing and adhere your stickers to the page

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Using Plain Paper:

My favorite sticker sheets are the Avery matte full sheet labels. They’re bright white, very affordable, and don’t get stuck in my printer! You can usually find the best price for these on Amazon.

What is your favorite fall color? Tell me in the comments below!

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