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Top Sites for Free Printable Planner Stickers

There are several sites I keep going back to again and again for free printable planner stickers. I’m excited to share my top faves for planning kits, functional stickers, and deco. All of these sites are user friendly with a huge variety of stickers.

Where to find the cutest free printable planner stickers online!

Having a hard time finding free printable planner stickers online?

If you’ve been using freebies for a while, you’ve probably seen it happen: Your fav site for freebies suddenly ups and shuts down. Oh no! Lots of times these amazing sites move to Etsy shops where they can focus on creating fab new designs instead of all the slog that goes with running a website.

And have you tried to search for “free printable planner stickers” on Pinterest, but half the links are broken because the sites have disappeared. Frustration!

Don’t fret. I got’cha free printables right here. Bookmark this page. These are the top free printable sticker sites that have been around for (what seems like) forever. And if they shut down, I’ll update this post.


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Samplers and Decorative Planning

Fit Life Creative

Has been my long-standing favorite for weekly planning. Danielle creates bright, fun, and original kits that are the perfect size for a coordinated week of white space planning.

She even has the blackout files available if you’re a silhouette cutter. On of my favorite spreads this year was with the Kate Spade Floral Kit. I loved it so much I used the leftovers to create a goals page. See the speed through HERE or watch below.

Vintage Glam Studio

With stickers dating back to 2013 (the dark ages of planning, no?) Dru had samplers in nearly every color combination and theme.

Use the search feature too look for anything from floral to teal to kawaii and you’ll find tons of results. Vintage Glam Studio was the very first site I used to print stickers! See how I used the adorable cat kit to create an hourly bullet journal in my composition notebook.


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Functional Stickers

My Planner Envy

I use My Planner Envy every week. Jessica has a massive collection of printables to choose from. I use her monthly and weekly kits all the time, but my favorite are all of her functional stickers. This is my go-to spot for all of the boxes, trackers, and checklists I could ever need!


Planner Problem 101

Another shop with adorable kits, but what I love the most from Planer Problem 101 is the functional stickers in all my favorite colors. The way this site is set-up makes it incredibly easy to search for stickers by type, color, or planner. I use the icons each week for my homeschool planner and find myself checking here first for all of my emoji and little things needs!

Check out this Plan With Me featuring My Planner Envy and Planner Problem 101 stickers to create a rainbow themed spread!

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Free Printable Full Kits

Cute Daisy

This site really has it all. The variety of kits, washi, and deco is pretty incredible. The best part, though, is that Maryam creates kits in a variety of colors and sizes.

Fall in love with the New Year kit? No problem, it comes in HP and ECLP sizes in four different color combinations so you can use it in each of your planners. (Everyone else has at least 4 too, right?)


Life with Mayra

This new site already has a ton of printable washi, functionals, and monthly kits. My favorite part, though, is Mayra’s 4-5 page printable kits. Perfect for no white space planning with a huge variety of stickers in each kit.

If no white space is your thing, check out my No White Space Plan With Me Playlist featuring kits from Cute Daisy and Life with Mayra and more!

I hope you find everything you need for beautiful, budget-friendly spreads! Be sure to check out all of our freebies and printables, too!

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