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Printable Bullet Journal + FREE Hand-drawn Inserts for YOU!

I’m so excited to share all of my hand drawn printable bullet journal pages with you! These have saved me tons of time while still keeping my planner cute and a little whimsical.

In this post I’ll share a bit about my process PLUS link a free set of hand-drawn inserts for you to print and use in your own planner!

Printable Bullet Journal, fun and whimsical pages for your planner! PLUS a free printable sample of our hand-drawn bullet journal pages. #bulletjournal #planner #freeprintable

I’ve been bullet journaling since way before it had a name. Back then, I called it my sketch book. I’d draw, doodle, jot, and plan everything in one notebook – so I’d always be able to find it.

That’s, in essence, what a bullet journal is. The one place to keep it all together – plans, to-do’s, appointments, goals, and habits. All in one place.

However, as it sometimes does, life got more complicated. I found myself needing more space – and multiple planners. Three kids, two businesses, and keeping track of all my goals and plans was getting a bit overwhelming for one little journal.

So I established a plannerstack.

Planner Stack
In this photo from top to bottom: Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook, Ashley G mid-year planner from Blue Sky, Classic Happy Planner with turquoise discs, and undated Big Happy Planner.

Finding Planner Peace

If you’re a multiple planner girl, you probably understand the unending search for planner peace.

I’m constantly looking for the most efficient, most effective planner. The end-all-be-all planner that will keep everything together with the least amount of effort – and look cute to boot.

I found myself dissatisfied with my planners. Saying I love these planners but…

But I don’t have enough room to write ALL of my plans…

But my handwriting is too large for these tiny vertical boxes…

But I feel like I’m filling out paperwork instead of being creative…

But I don’t have room for a huge keep-it-all-together binder…

I wanted to continue bullet journaling BUT who has time to hand-draw every layout?!?

Printable Bullet Journals

I needed the flexibility of a binder but half the size so it would fit on my desk! I wanted the creativity of a bullet journal without the effort of drawing every page.

The answer is a printable bullet journal. However, there just weren’t cute ones available in 2015! Many printables back then (and let’s be honest, still today) look like worksheets.

We are creative AND organized people. Planning should feel fun – not like filling out paperwork at a doctor’s office.

That’s when I started creating and copying my own. A year later, I opened my Etsy shop with just two hand drawn bullet journals.

Creating Hand-drawn Printable Bullet Journals

I quickly found that creating and copying my own bullet journals was not only faster but caused me less frustration. I could mess up and just start over without tearing out or desperately trying to salvage the pages.

This was especially helpful when it came to measuring monthly layouts. I don’t know how many calendars I had to scratch and just turn the page!

Can you relate???

Soon my set of bullet journal templates became my very first Etsy listing. These are a simple collection of hand-drawn layouts on graph paper drawn with ballpoint pen and scanned into a PDF.

It cracks me up that these are still my best seller. I guess there are many others who hate drawing the lines, too!

Printable Bullet Journal Templates

Since then my shop has grown a bit, but I still use the same process: hand-drawing my printables, scanning them in, and uploading the PDF in different sizes to fit different kinds of planners.

What Other Planners are Saying about Printable Bullet Journals

My hands-down favorite thing in the WORLD is to see and hear about what other people are creating in their planners. I feel so fortunate to have a little place in the planner community.

Check out what people are saying about their printable bullet journals…

Jenna was kind enough to share a photo of her adorable layout using the Hearts & Darts pages.

Printable Bullet Journal
Jenna shared a pic of her fun monthly layout on our Hearts & Darts pages.

This was my very first Etsy feedback about the I Heart Flags printables – one of only 2 items in my shop at the time!

This planner is sooo cute! I find it difficult to take the time to decorate my own boring calendar pages so it was wonderful to come across some that were already so wonderfully decorated! I’ve printed for my A5 Filofax as well as Midori travel journal and it resized great for both. I was even able to adjust the color from black which made it even more versatile! 😊

Charity, April 2016

About the health and fitness planner…

Great item. Perfect for wellness planning.

ebberclaz, 2017

So creative and very useful!

Christy, 2019

Hand-drawn Printable Bullet Journals on Etsy

You can find more hand-drawn doodle-y planners on Etsy in my shop, PlannerlovePrintable.

I currently have several bullet journal template layouts and lots of whimsical designs for planning and tracking.

Most layouts are available in letter, Happy Planner, and A5 sizes. And all come in a high resolution PDF for fast and clear printing.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find…

Hand drawn printable planners on Etsy

Free Printable Bullet Journal

That brings me to why you’re here today. To get to planning with your fabulous free printable bullet journal.

Details: Three 5-page, ready-to-print PDFs
Letter 8.5×11, Classic HP 7×9.25, and A5 5.8×8.3
Each PDF includes:
Weekly, Monthly, Daily, Notes, and a 28 Day Goal Tracker

View size options and download your full set of hand-drawn bullet journal pages here.

Hand drawn planner pages

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Free printable hand drawn bullet journal! 5 page printable planner with a light gray dot grid background. #freeprintable #bulletjournal #planner

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