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Printable Bullet Journal Stickers

Bullet Journal Planner Stickers, Free Printable

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Plan with me!

This week, I created a bullet journal style spread and turned it into a free printable for you!  If you’re feeling a little intimidated by creating your own bullet journal spread, scroll down for your free printable and decorate bujo style with hand drawn stickers.

If you’re feeling confident, doodle away. I love bullet journal style spreads with a quirky hand-drawn look. Have fun with it!

More planning on a budget ideas on YouTube

You’ll see me using this Westcott Geometry Kit. I love it! So perfect for doodling and bullet journaling and the sharp plastic edges make fabulous little washi cutters, too.

Click to view the video on YouTube

This file is letter sized and ready to print. Boxes are sized to fit Classic Happy Planners, but these stickers can be used in any planner, journal, or notebook. If you like the look of hand drawn stickers and are looking for more printables, be sure to check out my Etsy Shop.

Note: This page was originally created for a March 2017 spread so shows 27-31, 1st and 2nd. To modify these, simply trim the dates off your printable, layer over blank sticker paper, and add your own dates.

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Hand Drawn Printable Stickers for Happy Planner, Bullet Journal Doodle Style

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Other Materials

Planners & Accessories

Planner: I chose the Happy Planner Bundle from Costco for $25 for my daily planner. This came with a bunch of stickers and washi – I consider those “free” so I don’t factor them into my weekly spread. The Happy Planner is a great planner to start with. It’s a quality planner with nice paper, and you can find many free printables available sized for the HP. For a flip-thru and links click here.

Alternative Planners: Using a binder with plain paper or printable planner pages is also an awesome alternative. Binders are durable and re-usable and come in every size, style, and price range.

I started out with free-style planning in just a wireless composition book. You can plan on any budget with any style. Check out this post if you’d like to transform your comp book into a horizontal or vertical sticker planner.

Ink: The next thing you’ll want to think about is printer ink. If you are using an inkjet printer (you probably are if you’re printing from home)  consider using remanufactured ink. Printing letter size sheets of full color stickers uses a lot of ink. My remanufactured cartridges cost $6 less per cartridge. I can highly suggest LxTek ink. I’ve used this several times with no issues and very nice, quality printing.

Paper: I’ve tried a few off-brand and store-brand papers (always looking for the best price), but I’ve found that if I spend just a couple more dollars on label paper I save money in the long run. My printer used to eat about 1 out of every 3 pages of the flimsier sticker paper. Now I use Avery full sheet labels, 100 pack from Amazon for $20. 100 sheets last me nearly the whole year. I’ve yet to lose a sheet to the evil paper-eating printer trolls.

Pens and Markers: I love love love my Micron pens. A $5 set of three lasts me about a year – that’s with all my extra doodling, too. The other ones I use are Papermate Flair and regular, old Sharpies.

Other Tools: A sharp pair of scissors dedicated to paper and a 1/2 inch paper punch for cutting out functional stickers are the only other tools you really need. Optional tools include a hole punch for your disc planner or binder. You might also consider purchasing washi tape – I try to spend less than $1.50 per roll. Sometimes you can find it for much less. 2 for $1 at the dollar store this week!

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