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Best Planners of 2018

These are the BEST planners of 2018. These simply gorgeous planners will keep you organized in style for 2018. Find the top planners here – everything from bullet journals to binders, spiral, disc, and hardbound. Check out all the latest designs for your best year ever!

The best planners for 2018! Everything from Bullet Journals to Happy Planner to Erin Condren. Come look and see them all!

Find your new favorite planner for 2018 here.

I’ll be straight with you. I love planners. I would get each and every one of these planners and plan all day if I could. My mid year planner stack has been my all time favorite, but I just can’t help but want all new ones to love for 2018. There’s something about starting a fresh year with a fresh planner.

You know that old saying, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans?” Some days I’d rather just make plans.

Planning brings hope and joy. No one is planning to have a bad day. We plan with positivity and determination. We plan to achieve our goals. 

Let’s kick of 2018 right with a beautiful, new planner that will bring you joy every time you sit down to write in it. Something that will help get you organized and stay on track with all of your goals. A planner that will encourage you to be your best self!

The BEST Planners for 2018

Organize the life you have and plan for the life you want.

Erin Condren

Erin Condren Life Planner. The ECLP. Most well-known, most coveted planner on the planet. If you haven’t owned one, you probably want one. If you don’t want one, you should.

2018 brings us the best ECLP collection yet. Shop Spiral-bound LifePlanners with dozens of customizable designs or pick a Hardbound LifePlanner in fresh new colors – don’t forget, you can find alternate colors and designs in EC’s Amazon shop.

EC Tip: Always get the foil.

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The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is my main jam. I love everything about HP from the price to the discs to the flexibility of adding and removing pages. And the stickers! I love those stickers. I’m currently using an undated Big Happy Planner for all my weekly goal setting. I could not be happier with it. Love Love LOVE it!

You’ll see all new colors and designs for 2018 from The Happy Planner. Love the old designs? Don’t worry, the 18 month Happy Planners go from July 2017 – Dec 2018. Catch a sale coming very soon, and just remove the pages you don’t need!

The best prices for HP are on the Me & My Big Ideas store on Amazon – unless you can find a Michaels coupon!

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Day Designer

It wasn’t until I bought my Day Designer Flagship that I felt planner peace. I might always be a multi-planner girl (and proud!), but those 15 minutes a day with my daily planner makes all the difference.

But maybe a daily is too much for you. DD now offers a variety of planners including daily, weekly, binders and inserts, and even hardbound. Find these gorgeous planners only on the Day Designer website.

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The Simplified Planner
Emily Ley Paper, Inc.

2018 Planners are SOLD OUT!
You gotta be fast to get these. Academic year planners are due out in May 2018.

I’ll be honest. I saw and felt a weekly Simplified Planner in person, and I almost jumped ship from Day Designer. The daily planners are very similar. If you’re looking at a daily, be sure to thoroughly compare to make sure you get exactly what you need.

These planners are so, so pretty. The cover designs for the daily and weekly planners is just lovely, and the insides are simple and elegant. Shop all of the Simplified Planners on

Simplified Planner in Happy StripeEmily Ley Simplified Planner in Gold Dot
Navy Pineapple Academic Weekly Simplified PlannerEmily Ley Simplified Planner in Fancy Floral

Blue Sky

If reading this far has given you a finance-induced heart attack, just take a breath lady! Blue Sky planners has you covered with gorgeous, name brand planners with lower prices. Find more affordable name brands such as Day Designer, Nicole Miller, and Snow & Graham.

I personally use fun and functional Ashley G. planner for work. I scribble alllll over it. Definitely not one for Instagram shots. My messy writing, crossing out, and color coding with marker doesn’t make a dent. These are truly quality planners.


There are so many lovely binders available and even more adorable inserts. If you love the flexibility of adding and removing pages, customizing sections of your life, and using a variety of inserts, maybe you’re a binder planner.

I can personally vouch for the adorable Hello Forever Planner by Studio Calico, but there are so many available. Fabulous brands like Filofax, Carpe Diem, Day Designer, and Kate Spade will be the envy of your neighborhood. Plus, you can rock the zipper binders as a wallet if you need to be organized on-the-go.

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Bullet Journal

If all of the above planners feel so constrictive that you’re finding it hard to breathe, you probably need a bullet journal. I like to use a bullet journal for my health and fitness tracking. It gives me the space I need to write a much as I want (or as little), and pick it up and put it down whenever I want.

I use a Leuchtturm1917 for my bujo, but check out all the gorgeous journals available. Scribbles that Matter and Midori are incredibly popular, and Molskine was my bullet journal gateway drug.

By popular demand, an honorable mention goes to…

Plum Paper Planner

I know people LOVE and swear by the PPP, but I’ve never seen one in person! Plum Paper offers a huge variety of options, making these spiral-bound planners are completely customizable. It might be just the one you’re looking for to find planner peace!

What’s your favorite planner? Don’t see it here on this list? Add it in the comments so we can stalk all the 2018 beauties online.

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    You are forgetting by far the BEST spiral planner out there! Plum Paper Planner! They beat EC in every way. The paper is the smoothest buttery soft. Their customizing options are exceptional. You can start it at any month, and you can make it anywhere between 12 and 18 months long. Seriously great!

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      Lol Drea! I was thinking about adding the PPP, but I’ve never seen one in person so I was afraid. I’ll add it on 🙂

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