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Totally Cute FREE Printable Rainbow Planner with Monthly & Weekly Layouts!

I’m so excited to share a forever free printable rainbow planner with you! Rainbow themed planners are hugely popular. It’s no wonder why!

Colorful layouts are beautiful and fun to design! Read on for rainbow inspired ideas and grab your forever freebie!

Printable planner pages in a fun rainbow theme! Set includes 12 monthly spreads plus vertical and horizontal layouts. Vertical and horizontal weekly planners are included.

Free printable rainbow planner with monthly and weekly layouts. Choose from Sunday or Monday start printables.

I Heart Rainbow Planners

It’s the middle of December right now. I know, I know – I should be knee deep in red and green or blue and white snowflakes. Santa, polar bears and penguins. Something winter. But I’m just not.

I’m all about the rainbow this week. Whether I’m using Happy Planner stickers in my Day Designer  (below) or planning for the New Year with my printables, it’s all rainbow all the time. #allthecolors #alltheplanners

Rainbow Day Designer Layout - Follow PlannerloveandPrintables on Instagram

All time favorite stickers for rainbow themed layouts are from The Happy Planner. The colors in all of their packs coordinate beautifully to create rainbow themes that are more interesting than r-o-y-g-b-i-v.

Monday Start Calendar

Do you have a planner pet peeve? I do: I hate that most of the popular planners have a Monday start weekly layout but use a Sunday start on the monthly. I get so confused!

Seriously, I spent years changing calendars over with stickers – and I messed up the dates month after month!

Or maybe you’re the opposite. Maybe every week you turn the page and think Why? WHY?!? Why does every week start on Monday?

This year I’m hacking my Happy Planner with these rainbow printables, and I designed Sunday AND Monday start monthly calendars & weekly layouts. Who says you can’t make everyone happy?

Rainbow monthly planner layout, free printable rainbow planner.

Need more information on how to use your printable rainbow planner? Start with my Beginner’s Guide to Printable Planner Inserts. Resize, punch, and be on your way to a planner so gorgeous that you want to use it every day!

Free Printable Rainbow Planner

Rainbow planner printables include:

  • 28 page full-color PDF
  • 12 undated monthly spreads
  • Vertical weekly layout
  • Horizontal weekly layout
  • Option for Sunday or Monday start (reflected on both calendar and weekly planner)

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Get Your Rainbow Planner!

Free Printable Rainbow Calendar, Rainbow planner with 12 monthly pages and Weekly Vertical Rainbow Layout. Choose Sunday or Monday start calendar.

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