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FREE Printable Home Finance & Bill Organizer – 5 Fabulous Colors!

Keep your finances in order this year with a home finance and bill organizer for your planner. You’ll be able to see at-a-glance where all that hard-earned dough is going.

You’ve landed on our printable home finance planner. Looking to organize your finances in a bullet journal? See our bullet journal bill tracker. Looking for finance tracking stickers? Browse our finance stickers.

Home Finance, Bill Organizer - free printable payment trackers for your planner! In 5 colors!

You’re one step closer to financial freedom.

If you’re not a hobby planner – or if this kind of meticulous tracking is new to you – just trust me, it works. Our family has come out from under 32k in credit card debt and stayed DEBT FREE for five years.

This type of tracking has helped me catch bank and billing errors multiple times, and has saved me money from charges I should never have had. A few things I’ve caught over the years:

  • You receive a bill on the 17th with a due date of the 16th and incur a late charge. Nuh huh. Not on my watch.
  • You pay for a service with a check that isn’t cashed for weeks so your bank doesn’t register it. No more overdraw fees for you!
  • You are feeling so accomplished for paying your bill on time – until you realize you paid your mortgage twice, and they won’t count it toward next month… Noooooo! Not anymore.

Taking control of your finances through planning and tracking is the first step to financial freedom. You have to know where your money is going – and make sure it gets there on time! I hope this free home finance tracker and bill organizer helps you get started.

Home Finance Tracker

The payment tracker has six spots for monthly bills. Keep track of mortgage or rent, utilities, your phone bill, credit cards, and any other recurring monthly payments.

The monthly payment tracker has place for payee name, amount, and a check box to give you that sense of accomplishment only paying your own bills can give you.

Pro Tip: If you want your printable to last all year, pick 32lb paper. I love the HP Premium 32LB Laserjet paper; it’s heavy and smooth and doesn’t wear down around the holes. If you’re printing with an inkjet, look for Presentation Paper with a weight of 32lbs.

Home finance bill organizer and monthly payment tracker - free printable for your planner!

Love this layout? See how to set it up in your bullet journal, too!

Bill Organizer

This is where you can keep track of bills that occur more or less than once a month* – daycare or tuition payments, doctor’s bills, and home maintenance are just a few. You’ll find columns to indicate whether payments are auto-withdrawal, received date, payee name, amount, due date, and to mark when your bill is paid.

*I also track my recurring monthly expenses on this page so I can total up what’s going out at the end of each month.

Free Printable Home Finance and Bill Organizer

Details: These pages are letter sized with a half inch border. They will fit perfectly in your Big Happy Planner or resize the PDF to fit your planner.

How to print half size for an A5
How to print for a Classic Happy Planner

Download Home Finance and Bill Organizer

Home finance printable, Monthly payment tracker and bill organizer free printable from SRLprintables.

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