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Where to Find Cute Printable Kawaii Stickers for Your Planner

Don’t you just love printable Kawaii stickers? I can’t get enough! I just want to cover everything with those sweet little faces with the big eyes – but for now I’ll stick to stickers for my planner.

Just getting started with printable stickers? >>> Start here.

Printable Kawaii Stickers

What is Kawaii?

Kawaii is an adorable style of art inspired by young Japanese culture. Kawaii artists anthropomorphize everyday objects – that is, they put those cutie patootie faces on regular stuff to make it all the more adorable. You’ll recognize Kawaii style by the characteristic large, black eyes, bright colors, and playful themes.

Kawaii products are gaining popularity in everything from children's toys like Shopkins to Disney's line of Tsum Tsum characters. You can find Kawaii style stickers affordably on Amazon.

Buy now on Amazon

Buy now on Amazon

Plan with Me with Printable Kawaii Stickers

Watch on YouTube

Materials used in this video:

Printable Kawaii Stickers on Etsy

In a hurry? >>> Shop Printable Kawaii Stickers on Etsy!

Etsy is my go-to site for printable stickers. You will find the widest variety of functional and decorative stickers there with most sticker sheets and kits going for under $3.

Kawaii printable planner stickers by PrintStick and available on Etsy.PrintStick has over 150 Kawaii sticker listings to choose from, plus a special sale: Buy 5 sheets, Get 2 Free!

Shop PrintStick's Kawaii Cuties on Etsy
Cute Kawaii Stickers on EtsyYou'll find more than 70 Kawaii listings from MiniStickerStudio. The wide variety of functional stickers will help you track everything right in your planner.

Shop MiniStickerStudio on Etsy
Rainbow Kawaii StickersIf you're looking for rainbow stickers and trackers go straight to JoBaViCreations. You won't be dissapointed with over 20 rainbow Kawaii printables to choose from.

Shop JoBaViCreations on Etsy
Printable Kawaii Stickers on EtsyMy first Kawaii stickers were these adorable sticky notes from Plan4Happy. You'll find dozens of Kawaii printables and other cuteness in this shop. Don't miss her $2 Tuesday sales!

Shop Plan4Happy's Kawaii Printables
Printable Kawaii Stickers on EtsyPetitPlanner makes my favorite grocery shopping and meal planning Kawaii printable of all time. They have several functional sheets to choose from and deluxe kits.

Shop PetitPlanner on Etsy

Printable Kawaii Stickers

This printable was made with Plan4Happy’s Kawaii Sticky Notes and PlannerCute’s printable freebie kit!

Free Printable Kawaii Stickers

Kawaii freebies are hard to find! When I started getting into planning, there were no free printable Kawaii stickers at all. I’ve found a few more recently that are just too cute and a great way to get started without spending too much!

Start here: Browse all our free printable Kawaii stickers. You’ll find all kinds of little cuties available now, and more coming soon!

Pick up a free printable weekly kit by PlannerCute HERE. It includes adorable checklists, teardrops, and headers for your weekly kit. You can find even more of PlannerCute’s adorable Kawaii stickers on Etsy.

Victoria Thatcher shares a fun Kawaii and sweet treats kit on her blog. Find the one page printable kit on

Printable Kawaii Stickers

Print your Kawaii Stickers

Printing your new Kawaii cuties is super simple whether you’re creating your own stickers or pasting your printable into your planner.

Printing on Sticker Paper:

  • Print on full-sheet shipping labels
  • Cut out your stickers with a pair of clean, sharp scissors
  • Remove the backing and adhere your stickers to the page

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Printing on Plain Paper:

My favorite sticker sheets are the Avery matte full sheet labels. They’re bright white, very affordable, and don’t get stuck in my printer! You can usually find the best price for these on Amazon.

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