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Health and Fitness Bullet Journal: A Fun & Flexible Planner for your Journey

Ready to get started with a health and fitness bullet journal? Good. Bullet journals are awesome. This will soon become the most flexible and used tool in your wellness toolbox.

Read on to find out why bullet journals make the best food and fitness journals and everything you need to know to get started!

How to start a health and fitness bullet journal

Why You Should Start a Health and Fitness Bullet Journal

I’m a big believer in setting goals. For me, writing down a goal is the difference between a passing idea and a real plan.

But fitness journaling is more than just laying down a plan.

It’s tracking all the little steps you take on your journey. about taking time to reflect on the obstacles you’ve overcome. recognizing all the hard work and little wins along the way. 

Why is a bullet journal great for health and fitness tracking?

Using a bullet journal for your food and fitness journal is a fantastic creative outlet, and it will give you the flexibility you need for a completely customized wellness plan.

  • Unlimited space for planning, tracking and reflection
  • You’re not locked in to certain dates or an annual calendar
  • Add as many unique pages as you want
  • Great for all kinds of fitness plans and special diets
    Health and Fitness Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is perfect for me because I’m a Weight Watcher. That means I’m tracking the food I eat at every meal, attending weekly meetings, and working on my overall wellness. A bullet journal will work for any health and fitness plan.

Confused about how a bullet journal works?

If this is your first bullet journal, take a look at a general layout on bulletjournal.comThen come on back, and I’ll show you how to make it work as a food and fitness journal… and make it a little bit cuter.

What to Track in your Health and Fitness Bullet Journal

Health and Fitness Bullet Journal

Your food and fitness journal is completely customizable and totally your own – you make the decisions what to put in and what to leave out. A few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Your WHY
  • Starting measurements
  • Long-term goals
  • Periodic stats tracker
  • Favorite healthy meals
  • Your ideal workout week
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Plan for the week
  • Daily tracker
  • Short-term goals
  • Rewards & achievements
  • Notes about what you’ve learned
  • A brain dump about your day
  • A list of obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Journaling and reflection pages
  • A pen test page – essential for all marker lovers!

Bullet Journal Supplies

All you really need to start a bullet journal is a notebook and a pen. (Or a pencil, if you’re into that sort of thing.) However if you’re feeling fancy, I have some suggestions about how to take your bujo to the next level.

A Notebook You LOVE

You can bullet journal in anything from a .99¢ composition notebook to a $20 dot notebook, but the most important thing is that you choose a notebook you LOVE.

Things to consider when you’re shopping for a bullet journal notebook:

  • What size and shape are you comfortable writing in?
  • What colors, patterns, or fandom do you want on the cover?
  • Do you prefer dotted, ruled, or blank pages?

Find a notebook that you love, and you will be inspired to use it everyday.

Buy now on Amazon

I use a Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook  as my food and fitness journal.

I love that I don't have to number my own pages and the paper is super smooth. The A5 is not too big and not too small - just right for daily planning and tracking. Most importantly, it lays completely flat on my desk.

I can't ignore my goals when they're staring me in the face!!! 
You can find great prices and tons of color options on Amazon.

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