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Where to Find Printable Rainbow Stickers for Your Planner!

I absolutely love rainbow spreads. I can’t get enough! I plaster my planner with rainbows even in the dead of winter. Now, with spring coming, I wanted to share where to find the best printable rainbow stickers for your planner. Read on for fun kits and functional stickers from Etsy and the best rainbow freebies!

Where to find printable rainbow stickers for your planner.

Why Use Rainbow Stickers?

There’s something about a rainbow spread that just says “Happy!” When I want to use a bunch of colors, I always default to the rainbow pattern. Rainbows never look a mess – like my other spreads sometimes do when I just start throwing random colors together. Rainbows are full of color, but organized.

Creative and organized. The best of both worlds! Just like you, right?

I’ve been a journaler and planner my whole life. I can be a bit type-A when it comes to being organized. I’m creative at my core.

In college, I went to art school for painting. I dabbled in graphic design for a while, but being stuck in a cubicle wasn’t my thing. I loved being a teacher, but my art teacher job was cut when the budget was. I went into a second grade classroom and loved it.

That’s when I started creating and printing my own planners.

Rainbow Stickers

Later, when I came home to be a mom (and later a homeschool mom), I discovered the amazing world of stickers. Through stickers I found plannergirls just like me. Creative and organized. Or attempting to be organized, at least.

Planners are the best kind of friends to have: They’re prompt and they always have a fancy pen to lend.

Planner friends make me happy. So do rainbow spreads. I hope you find printables you love in this post, and that they keep you organized and smiling this week!

Just getting started with printable stickers? >>> Start here.

Printable RainboStickers on Etsy

In a hurry? >>> Shop Printable Rainbow Planner Stickers on Etsy

I love Etsy for printable stickers. You will find the widest variety of functional and decorative stickers there with most sticker sheets and kits going for under $2 per sheet. 

Rainbow printables can be tricky. There’s not one freebie site that specializes in all rainbow. If you don’t want to run all over the place printing coordinated rainbow kits and functionals, take a peek at some of the adorable and affordable rainbow stickers on Etsy.

Printable Kits

Printable rainbow stickers for plannerWeekly Rainbow Sticker Kit from GotPlans
Printable Rainbow Planner StickersVivid Rainbow Weekly Kit from StickerGuru
Printable Rainbow Planner StickersWatercolor Box Kit from TweeHaus
Rainbow planner stickersRainbow Unicorn Kit for Mini Happy Planner from Alakazoo Designs
Rainbow Planner Sticker KitBasic Planner Stickers Rainbow Kit from BestPrintables4U

Functional Printables

Functional rainbow stickersMulticolor Functional Planner Stickers from LindseyCoDesigns
Rainbow Planner Sticker BundleRainbow Bundle Planner Stickers from JetSetGoPrint
Printable Rainbow Calendar StickersRainbow Calendar Stickers from AllAboutPlannersShop
DIY Printable Rainbow Planner StickersDIY Rainbow Printable Planner Stickers from DragonflyPrintables
Rainbow StickersRainbow Colors Blank Planner Stickers from JetSetGoPrint

Free Printable RainboStickers

If you’re a beginning planner or planning on a budget, you will be able to find gorgeous rainbow planner stickers and kits now.This plan with me is made completely with free printable stickers!

Watch on YouTube

Printable Rainbow Stickers

Materials used in this video:

Printable Rainbow Stickers

To complete this spread, I added rainbow stickers from the Happy Planner Rainbow sticker book. I love HP stickers. The amount of stickers you get in a pack, they are an awesome value.

You can find the best prices on these at Michaels during a sale. The next best are on Amazon with free prime shipping (ends up being about $2.50 less per book than ordering from Michaels and paying shipping).

Buy now on Amazon

Free RainboSticker Kits

Rainbow sticker kit by Busy Being JenniferRainbow sticker kit from Busy Being Jennifer (pictured)

Love a Rainbow kit from Stick to Your Plan

Rainbow Glitter Planner Stickers from Organized and Happier

Watercolor Planner Stickers from Munchkins and the Military

Functional RainboFreebies

Ombre Heart Checklists (full boxes) by My Planner Envy

Ombre Checklists (half boxes) by Sticker Cuteness Overload

Colorful Heart Flags from My Planner Addiction

Shopping Cart Stickers by Cute Daisy

Multicolor Icons from Planner Problem 101

Printable papers in rainbow colors by Mel Stampz
Cut these into strips to use as printable washi!

Printing Your Rainbow Planner Stickers

Printing your new rainbow stickers is super simple whether you’re creating your own stickers or pasting your printable into your planner. Printing on Sticker Paper:

Print on full-sheet shipping labels

  • Cut out your stickers with a pair of clean, sharp scissors
  • Remove the backing and adhere your stickers to the page

Printing on Plain Paper:

*Always select “Actual Size” when printing from a PDF.*

My favorite sticker sheets are the Avery matte full sheet labels. They’re bright white, very affordable, and don’t get stuck in my printer! You can usually find the best price for these on Amazon.

Do you rainbow? Where do you find your favorite rainbow planner stickers? Share in the comments below!

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