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10 Bujo Supplies You’re Gonna LOVE

If you’re just staring with a bullet journal – or looking to expand on your bujo supplies, I’ve got your new favorites right here. I’m super excited to share all of my favorite bullet journal accessories and supplies. You’re going to love them!

10 Bujo Supplies you're gonna love. For people new to bullet journaling or just looking to expand your go-to bullet journal supply list.

I’ve been bullet journaling for a few years – well I guess since they started calling it that. But before that I did the same type of journaling, I just used a composition notebook or sketch book.

Bullet journaling is so super flexible. You can plan, track, create memory pages, doodle, draw pictures – basically whatever you want can all go into one book.

I will tell you, I burn through notebooks. I have notebooks of all sorts! Composition notebooks, EC notebooks, I love my Leuchtturm 1917 dotted, and I have a new Scribbles that Matter that I’m super excited about.

But my flexibility doesn’t extend far beyond notebooks. There are a few bujo supplies that I keep buying again and again, and I will not stray! I want to share my hands-down favorites with you!

Bujo Supplies: Pens and Markers

Ashley G by Target pen test with sharpie, tombow, gel, flair, and ballpoint

1. For Drawing & Doodling: Micron Felt Tip Pens

I’ve been hooked on Micron pens since high school – which I was recently reminded is now 20 years ago… omg.

These pens come in a variety of sizes, are super affordable, and have durable little tips that aren’t going to split or fray, even if you’re a little heavy-handed. But the reason I love them is that they give me the blackest black without the bleed.

My favorite size to write with is the 0.5 nub, but if that is too thick for you, try the 0.2, which is superfine but just as black.

Some people like to write with these. I mainly use them for doodling and drawing the boxes and lines.

2. For Coloring and Lettering: Tombow Markers

The next time you’re at Michaels and pick up the cheaper version of Tombow, I want you to just imagine me standing next to you, slapping them out of your hand. Stop it. Put those down.

Look, I know there are a bunch of wonderful markers out there, but if you don’t own a set (or like 5) of Tombows, you need to order them right now.

These water color markers are rich and smooth, they come in a variety of colors, and the felt tips on both ends of the dual brush markers will not warp or give you that dry, scrape-y feeling.

Bullet Journal Supplies

3. For Writing: Inkjoy Gel Pens

Gel pens are a must. Here’s why they’re so fabulous:

You know how you have to get ballpoint pens started by scribbling on a separate piece of paper? You will never have to do that will a good gel pen.

They write smoothly and the color and line is consistent. And that’s what you want whether you’re designing intricate annual trackers or scribbling down your weekly menu.

I’ve learned that pen preference is all about barrel size. I love the Inkjoys because they have a nice, thick, sturdy barrel. I also like that there’s not a difference between the main barrel and the tip. I hold my pens super close to the end, so that makes these pens super comfortable for me.

Pen Collection, AKA #penporn

4. For Color Code & Highlighting: Mildliners

I’ll be honest. I didn’t get what the big deal with Mildliners was until I tried them. These highlighters are cool.

If you like to color code or prefer a stiff, sharp tip for shadowing or coloring, you will love these. They are double ended, which makes them a far more versatile than regular highlighters

They have the big fat barrels that I like. But the ink (like it says) is mild. It’s not heavy or inky, and it doesn’t look too rich. The thick side can feel a little wet, so pick it up right away when you’re finished with your lines or you might get a dot of bleed.Bujo Supplies you're gonna LOVE

Bujo Supplies: Bullet Journal Cover

5. Bullet Journal Covers by Woodland Cottage Farm

I absolutely love my journal covers from Woodland Cottage Farm. They add a layer of protection and versatility that you just can’t get with a stand-alone journal or a TN cover.

My Woodland Cottage Farm covers are both from Go Wild. I got their table 2 years in a row with absolutely no regrets! Best swag on the table. (It was all fantastic, who am I kidding?) Take a look at my two… heart eyes.

A few reasons I love these:

  • Fancy Factor: these are gorgeous. If you don’t like the covers I’m sharing, don’t worry, they have about 1 bajillion covers and designs to choose from.
  • Pockets: Sticker or stencil storage right on your bujo. Or keep pictures, cards, clips – whatever you need.
  • Big Fat Pen Holder: I can fit my middle finger through this pen holder. It will hold your fattest pen – or two skinny ones. I can fit an Inkjoy in next to a Mildliner, for example.
  • Fabric Band: It’s the good, thick, stretchy kind. Not the thin rubber band type that is going to make a dent in your cover.
  • Ribbon Bookmarks: One of mine has two, and the other has 5! These are fantastic for holding all your frequently used places in your bujo
bujo suppliesbujo supplies
bujo suppliesbujo supplies

Bujo Supplies: Clips

6. Paperclips of All Sizes

I love bullet journaling, but I don’t love flipping through every page every time. There are some I go back to, but mostly I never go back again.

Enter one thousand paperclips.

Bookmarks are great, but when it comes down to it, I’ll never let go of my paperclips. I love turning a big chunk of pages all at once.

If you’re fancy (I am not) there are a million clips that stick out of the top of your journal. Bows and poms and cute sayings. That’s awesome, but I just do not posses that level of fussiness. I wish I did. Then my nails and hair would always be done…


  • Giant gold paperclips
  • Heart paperclips
  • Animal paperclips
  • Spiral paperclips

7. Binder Clips

I don’t know what my deal is, honestly, but I absolutely love binder clips. They are my favorite office supply. So I’m not really sure if binder clips are actually one of the top ten bujo supplies, or if it’s just my lifelong obsession.

A few reasons you might want to use a binder clip more than a paperclip:

√ You use your bujo for daily or weekly planning and don’t return to those pages

√ You want your bujo to lay flat on the table (binder clip big chunks together on each side of your spread and it will weigh the sides down)

√ You use a thicker, longer notebook and don’t want to do so much flipping

You love them more (or as much) as paperclips

Do it. #allthebinderclips #bigchunks

Bujo Supplies: Decorating

8. Tombow Tape Runner

This Tombow Tape Runner is my favorite for adding anything to my bullet journals and planners. Roll it on the back, stick it down, and go. You won’t have a problem with your stuff coming loose later.

This tape runner is great for sticking down photos, paper memorabilia like ticket stubs, and die cuts. It’s not messy, there’s nothing to spill. It’s just easy.

9. Geometry Set

I do a lot of free-hand drawing, but when I want straight lines and perfect circles, I always go back to my Westcott Geometry Set.

This super inexpensive set is just the right size for smaller notebooks – like A5 sizes when you don’t want to drag out a 12 inch ruler for an 8 inch notebook. I also love sharp edges of the triangles for tearing washi.

10. Stamps, Stickers, and Washi

The best part about bullet journaling is that you can make these notebooks truly your own. It can be anything from simple lists to intricate zendoodles.

Just be you.

Make a mess with stamping, add monthly or weekly sticker kits, decorate with dolls and use all the washi all the time.

Favorite Stickers for your Bullet Journal
Printable Stickers
Printable Planner StickersPrintable Planner Stickers
Printable bullet journal stickersPrintable bullet journal stickers
Printable bullet journal stickersPrintable bullet journal stickers
Printable bullet journal stickersPrintable bullet journal stickers
Printed Stickers
Bullet journal stickersBullet journal stickers
Bullet journal stickersBullet journal stickers
Bullet Journal StickersBullet journal stickers

What are your favorite bujo supplies? Add a comment below so we can try it too!

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