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TTC Tracking: Custom Fertility Tracking in your Bullet Journal

Are you TTC tracking all sorts of things on a daily basis? Get all of your trackers under control in your bullet journal. Read on for ideas about what to track and how. You got this.

TTC Tracking layout and ideas for your bullet journal. If you are tracking ovulation or trying to conceive it's helpful to have everything in one place! Find some ideas to help ease your mind in what can be an extremely stressful time!

Are you TTC (trying to conceive) and tracking everything? If you are, you’ll probably find yourself comparing tiny, fold-able graphs to mysterious markings on your calendar, and comparing both of those to last month’s numbers… if you can even remember where they are!

If you are just beginning to try or have been trying for a while, it’s time to get organized about it! In my case, diligence paid off. I hope that it does in yours.

When you are TTC and consistently tracking, you know you are doing everything you can to help things along.

My Story of TTC and Tracking

We were trying to conceive for a little over a year and a half. Then, we were fortunate to conceive our first son. For my daughter, we were actively trying using the same methods for seven months. And for my youngest child we only had to try 3. Imagine my surprise!

When I say we were trying, I mean I was really working at it. Day in, day out. Every day of every month. Through the repeated, repeated, repeated disappointments. Through family and friends telling us to “just relax and let it happen.”

Have you been here? How long?

The fact is some people have to work harder to conceive. After a year, we briefly discussed fertility treatments. I was not a candidate because I was young, healthy, and had conceived before. My husband and I passed every doctor’s office test.

They told us it was just down to timing. 

TTC and Tracking

What was recommended to us were the big three: cycle tracking, vigilant basal body temperature tracking, and noting changes in cervical fluid. Basically if we could figure out the right time, it would happen… eventually.

Keep in mind that this was before pee-on-a-stick ovulation tests were widely available. But even the ovulation tests can’t really be trusted, can they?

And here’s the thing about ovulation tests. By the time you get a positive, you might have already missed the window. You have to have some idea before. TTC tracking can help you make predictions before you get the go-ahead from your stick.

Some of the things you might be tracking when you are trying to conceive:

  • First day of your period
  • Counting each day of your cycle
  • Basal body temperature
  • Medications
  • Cervical fluid
  • Cramps
  • Headaches
  • Emotional changes
  • Ovulation test results
  • Pregnancy test results
  • When you have sex

Using a Bullet Journal for TTC Tracking

Now, this was also before Ryder Carroll’s bullet journal method went viral (2015). You can read the backstory on that here.

So I had a calendar. And I had a spiral notebook. And I had a tiny fold-out graph… It was a lot. Charting everything sucks. Reaching over for a thermometer before you even open your eyes in the morning sucks.

I wish that I had known about bullet journaling back then. A bullet journal is the perfect, flexible tracker for your individual needs. You can keep everything in one place. It’s one less thing to think about at a time when, really, you don’t need anything else on your mind!

Ovulation and TTC Tracking Layout

If you’re just starting out with bullet journaling, I have some recommendations for all of my favorite supplies. Make sure you find a bujo you love, so you will love to pick it up every day.

You can find a list of the specific materials used in these photos at the end of this post.

TTC Tracking

This is a traditional calendar layout with a banner header and space for a key. Each date has a 3×4 rectangular box – which is plenty of room to track and color code your days.

TTC Tracking Color Code & Key

If you’re tracking before dawn, you’ll appreciate the key right there on your tracker. This key holds a few ideas for what you might be tracking. Use any symbols and colors that feel right to you.

For long-term tracking, you’ll want to be consistent with your key. It will make comparing month-to-month much easier.

TTC Tracking

Daily Tracking for TTC

In this example, I used the top line as a menstrual cycle tracker. Noting the cycle day and color coding according to the key. The larger box shows daily temperature and other symptoms and activity.

TTC Tracking

One More Idea: Temperature Charting

If you’re charting your basal body temperature using a chart, you can either tape that chart right into your bullet journal or draw one.

Whichever you choose, I recommend that you use one chart to track multiple months over time.

I found myself trying to compare numbers and dates that made no sense from chart to chart. Eventually I whittled down to one chart – then I could really start seeing the pattern.

How to: Print or draw a chart for your bullet journal. It helps to have a larger one than they give you in the thermometer box! Use a different color pen for each month. Hopefully, over time a pattern will emerge.

Products Used to Create this Layout:

TTC Tracking

When you’re TTC so many things are out of your control. One thing that set my mind at ease was the routine of consistently tracking. I hope this helps someone in some little way. Good luck!!!

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