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Bullet Journal Period Tracker: Annual Layout for Monthly Tracker

Ideas and layout for a bullet journal period tracker – and no, it doesn’t have to be pink.

Bullet Journal Period Tracker for keeping track of symptoms and changes in your cycle, looking for patterns, and making predictions over the course of a year. Annual layout

Track Your Period with a Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Bullet journals are the easiest and most flexible tracking tool to use. And if you’re tracking your period, you have lots of options.

You can keep a list of dates, track monthly, or keep all of your cycle info on one page.

This annual layout is for tracking your monthly (more or less) period. I like the annual layout because it allows you to:

  • See symptom patterns
  • Predict your next period
  • Track everything consistently
  • Get a visual idea of what to expect at-a-glance

Tools for Bullet Journal Period Tracker

I decided to go with a monochromatic blue theme for this tracker. Why? Well, just about every other period tracker I’ve ever seen is pink. Your period tracker doesn’t have to be pink.  Make it whatever color you want! Blue periods, purple periods, rainbow periods!

To create this layout, I used the following tools:

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Layout for Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Begin by deciding how many weeks you want to rotate through and label the days of the week on the left side of the page.

I used a three week rotation (Monday – Sunday and repeat 3x), but if you have a very consistent 28 day cycle you might want to make it 4 weeks so that you can see your periods lining up over time. 

Start with Sunday, Monday, or whatever day of the week you prefer. Just make sure to add complete weeks so that your dates aren’t off.

Next begin to number the dates vertically, paying close attention to which months have 30/31/28 days. Keep a calendar nearby!

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

It can be overwhelming to look at a 365 day grid of dates. To keep things easy to see visually, I used a ruler to outline each individual month.

Finally, label your months. I alternated labeling near the top and bottom with some fun arrows pointing to the correct column.

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Adding a Title Banner to Your Period Tracker

I added a vertical banner with “Period Tracker” on the right side of the page. You can name it whatever you like, but I figured – hey, it’s a period tracker. I’m gonna call it a period tracker. This literally is what it is.

Other titles you might consider:

  • Menstrual chart
  • Cycle tracking
  • Aunt Flo’s Visits
  • When the Cardinal Sings
  • It’s THAT Time of the Month
  • The Curse
  • OMG this page again… already?
  • Ughhhhhhhhh!

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Creating a Key for Your Period Tracker

You’ll need a key in your bullet journal period tracker. What you decide to track will depend greatly on why you want to track.

Are you tracking your period because you want to get a better handle on PMS? You might use different symbols to track symptoms like bloating, headaches, cramps, moodiness, and acne.  (See also bullet journal mood tracker)

Are you tracking because you want to predict ovulation? You might use symbols or highlighting to track Day 1, when you have your period, predicted fertile times, and your suspected date of ovulation. (See also the monthly layout for TTC).

Are you tracking because you want to know what the heck is coming up next? You might track your most annoying symptoms, level of your flow, and your energy level throughout your cycle.

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Tracking Consistently in Your Bullet Journal Period Tracker

The most important part of tracking is being consistent. No matter what you choose to track you’ll need to:

(1) Stay consistent with your key
Use the same pens or markers, colors, and symbols each month. This will help you understand what’s going on easily. No need to decipher what you wrote down 8 months ago. Stick to the key.

(2) Actually track your period each month
Yeah, I get it. I don’t want to do anything extra when my period strikes. But if your goal is to figure out what’s going on with your body, haul your ass out of bed and write it down. If hauling ass isn’t on the agenda today, make a note in your phone and transfer it over later.

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

I hope this layout helps you get started with consistent, functional period tracking in your bullet journal. With consistent period tracking, you’ll be able to predict when to buy the next bottle of Midol or box of tampons, and when to request the day off work.

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