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Brush Lettering for Beginners: 10 YouTube Videos to Get You Started!

Check out these fantastic tutorials on brush lettering for beginners. If you love the look of beautiful brush calligraphy but you are a total novice, start here!

Get started with brush lettering for beginners with youtube tutorials! Great way to learn how to letter! #brushlettering #calligraphy

I love the look of brush lettering, but I’ll admit – I’ve bought many calligraphy sets in the past and just never enjoyed using them. Learning how to letter from a worksheet can frustrating when you’re a total beginner. How much pressure? How do I move my pen? When do you lift it up and when do you keep it down?

Seeing someone write close up makes getting started with lettering so much easier. I learned by watching tons of YouTube videos – and later, when I had a better handle on it, went back to my lettering worksheets.

After a lot of practice – like a whole notebook full of practice – I felt confident enough to start lettering in my planners and bullet journals. Now I love it.


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Brush Lettering for Beginners on YouTube


Learning the Basic Strokes

There’s more to learning lettering than thickening up your regular handwriting. Yes, cursive and calligraphy are related, but these two videos will give you a better idea about the differences between the two.

Basic Calligraphy Strokes by The Happy Ever Crafter
This will give you a great idea about how to get started with calligraphy – rather than just sprucing up your cursive handwriting.

More on the Basic Strokes from The Happy Ever Crafter


The Basics of Brush Pens

Brush pens fall somewhere in between a felt tip marker and a paintbrush. You’ll find pens with different flexibility and varying opacity. Find out a little more about brush pens and how to get started with them:

Brush Pen Basics by Destination Decoration

How to Use a Brush Pen by Will Patterson

You’ll see a variety of brush pens in lettering videos. I would recommend taking a peek at the different styles before investing in an expensive set. There are some that are better quality than others, but it often depends on your personal preference. See this post about brush pen comparisons if you’re just getting started.


Correcting Mistakes Before You Start

It’s easier to learn the right way first, so check out these videos about beginner mistakes that you might be making – or correct them before you practice the wrong way!

5 Lettering Mistakes You Might be Making by  How to Hand Letter

Beginner Brush Lettering Mistakes by Write Pretty Things


More Beginner Brush Lettering Videos

There are many more fantastic beginner brush lettering videos to explore. A few more beginner tutorials lead into a longer set of videos or entire classes on brush lettering:

Calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Beginners! by AmandaRachLee

Brush Lettering for Beginners: Getting Started with Erica Pinto

How to Start Brush Lettering for Beginners by Sarah Types

Brush Lettering for Beginners with Erica Pinto by Sakura of America

More brush lettering for beginners from Plannerlove:





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