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12 Brush Lettering Worksheets! Practice, practice, practice…

20 brush lettering worksheets and workbooks for calligraphy practice! Find your favorite with this big list of printed and printable lettering worksheets. #brushlettering #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy

Find 20 options for brush lettering worksheets and workbooks here! If you’re feeling impatient, some are available for immediate download. Practice time!

Once you’ve gotten the basics of brush lettering down, it’s time to practice! It takes a bit of time to start feeling confident with the strokes – and you’ll need that confidence to letter in your planner every week!

Can you practice in a regular notebook? Absolutely! However brush lettering worksheets will help you practice consistently. By using tracing than free-hand lettering and comparing yours to the worksheet, you can make sure you correctly practicing:

  1. Consistent stroke thickness
  2. Stroke direction
  3. Correct angles
  4. Connecting letters
  5. Embellishments and flair

You might also be looking to adopt a certain style of brush lettering or calligraphy. If that’s the case, take a peek at the following workbooks and worksheets and choose a style that you absolutely love!

Brush Lettering & Calligraphy Workbooks

If you can delay gratification for a couple days, you can order a complete calligraphy workbook to practice your brush lettering. I love having a dedicated space for everything, and lettering is no different! (It’s kinda like giving your lettering it’s own planner!!!)

Brush Lettering Worksheets

Brush Strokes Workbook by Shelley Hintz is a fantastic guide for brush lettering. You will absolutely love the top spiral layout and thick, rich paper in this workbook. The worksheets themselves cover letter formation, linking, and flourishes in a straight-forward progression.

This workbook is also available in a printable version.

Brush Lettering Worksheets

Intro to Brush Lettering by TheTownSerif is an elegant guide to brush lettering that comes with 2 pens to get you started! This is a shorter book, but the letter-sized 8-1/2×11 paper gives you a ton of space to practice.

You can also purchase the workbook alone.

Modern Calligraphy by Leslie Tieu is an absolutely gorgeous and totally functional book for brush lettering practice. The brush lettering worksheets inside have tons of space to practice, and you will appreciate a lay-flat, spiral book!

Brush Pen Lettering by Grace Song provides step-by-step practice for lettering with a brush pen. This book really breaks down the strokes and provides plenty of practice room for tracing and free-hand lettering.

Hand Lettering 101 by Chalkfulloflove is a fantastic workbook if you’re into faux calligraphy, flourished lettering with a lot of bounce! This spiral bound workbook lays flat on your desk and will look fabulous on your coffee table. Pages include strokes, letters, how to connect them, and how to add bounce and flourish.

Printable Brush Lettering Worksheets

If you’re reading to get started – like NOW! You’ll appreciate the instant gratification of printable worksheets. Check out a few popular ones below to see if they suit your style:

Brush Lettering Worksheets

101 Sheets of Brush Lettering Worksheets by Two Easels covers everything you need to get started with brush lettering. And if you are working on iPad Pro, this unique bundle also includes jpegs of the worksheets so you can practice on your screen.

Brush Lettering Worksheets

Basic Brush Lettering with Tanya from HandLetteredandLoved is great for getting started. This bundle includes strokes and letters along with some of the most popular phrases that you will want to use to create your own greeting cards and notes. Listing also comes with a bonus video tutorial.

Brush Lettering Worksheets

Brush Lettering Worksheets by crystalelizabeth has a unique approach to practice, offering five different styles to practice. Try out all five or view each packet individually in the listing.

Free Printable Brush Lettering Worksheets for Download

You can also find several free brush lettering worksheet packs online. Click around these sites to see if the style is one that you love. Often, the sites offering these free worksheets also offer videos, posts, and challenge throughout the year!

Brush Calligraphy Practice Sheets and Video by Dawn Nicole

Free Practice Sheets by Tombow

Brush Pen Calligraphy Worksheet by The Postman’s Knock

Mini Guide to Brush Lettering by Brush Letter Practice Guide

More brush lettering from Plannerlove:

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