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CRUSH Your 2021 Goals with these 5 Amazing Goal Planners!

Whether you’re ready to jump on your resolutions or need (more than a) little help with motivation, these fabulous goal planners will get you moving in the right direction! Read on for our five favorite planners that will help you crush your goals in 2021!

5 amazing goal planners to help you absolutely CRUSH IT in 2021. Whether you're ready to jump on your resolutions or need (more than a) little help with motivation, these fabulous goal planners will get you moving in the right direction! #resolutions #goals #planners #goalsetting

I am a huge fan of goal setting and habit tracking. It’s probably the plannergirl in me – I always want to know where I’m going and how I’m gonna get there.

Goals are motivating at any time of year, but as we wrap up 2020 I’m even more encouraged to look ahead and set goals for the new year.

Planners help us define a purpose for our personal and professional goals. They provide a sense of accountability that might be hard to find elsewhere. And a journal of your progress gives you something to reflect upon.

This is where I’m going because this is where I’ve been.

Whether you’re working toward a resolution or want to start a new habit today, there is a fabulous planner that can help you reach your goals. Let’s take a look at the top goal setting planners for 2021!

Best Planner for Staying Motivated All. Year. Long.

If your are looking for a planner that will give you daily inspiration with a focus on not just achieving your goals but living intentionally, the PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner is where it’s at.

Goal Planner, Powersheets

How will this planner help me achieve my goals? This planner is an all around life-and-goal planner, helping you weave your goals into your day-to-day life, no matter what season you are in.

I have heard so many people absolutely RAVE about the PowerSheets planners, and I know exactly why. First of all, this planner is gorgeous. It’s full color with all the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line, hard cover planner. Secondly, it can completely replace your regular monthly planner – which is fantastic if you feel like having an whole-nother-planner just for goals feels like… too much.

But the best thing about this planner is that it is a combo planner and goal planning course. It starts with video goal coaching and prep work for the year. Then throughout the year you will receive a video coaching session each month via email. So if you are one of the 90% of people who usually doesn’t make it past January in your planner, this is the kick-in-the-inbox that can keep you motivated all year long.

Design: Full color with a variety of bright and floral covers
Size: 8.5 x 10in
Start: January, dated
Binding: Hard cover, spiral bound
Duration: Calendar year January – December
Planning Style: Annual and monthly goal setting and reflection with inspirational tips and advice to keep you on track, video course included

Purchase on CultivateWhatMatters

Best Planner for Getting it Done Every. Day.

If you’re juggling multiple goals, jobs, family, home, self care, improvement, habits – I could go on… Time blocking is where it’s at. This planner features daily and weekly 24 hour time blocking and much more.

Goal Planner - Ultimate Time Blocking Planner Digital

How will this planner help me get things done? Most planners assume that you’re working the 9-5, and the schedules inside reflect that. The Ultimate Time Blocking Planner doesn’t make those assumptions. You have the flexibility to plan, track, and time block 24 hours a day – on a weekly and daily basis. How does that help? By time blocking your entire day, you’ll begin to see patterns. Where time is being spent; where time can be better spent.

Goal Planner_Ultimate Time Blocking Planner

Additional features such as weekly task pages, finance tracking, debt and savings planning, flexible goal planning, monthly habit tracking, projects, outlining your values, monthly journaling, creating mantras, annual planning, and monthly menu planning help create a well-rounded planner that holds all of your goals.

Ultimate Time Blocking Planner, Goal Planner

Design: Pastel rainbow design with black lined daily pages, more designs to be released in the coming weeks
Format: Available as a printable and hyperlinked digital PDF (compatible with Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo, etc)
Start: Undated, start any time (2021 dated planner launch on Black Friday)
Duration: 1 year
Planning Style: Time Blocking, daily planning

Purchase on Etsy:
Ultimate Time Blocking Planner, Undated DIGITAL
Ultimate Time Blocking Planner, Undated PRINTABLE

Best for Laser-Focused Goal Planning

If you have more than one goal you’re working on right now, the 90x planner is sure to help you focus on getting there over the next 90 days.

Goal Planner, 90x

How will this planner help you maintain focus? This planner will have you making big plans and practicing small habits by taking a systematic approach toward achieving your goals.

Basically, this planner works from big to small. You’ll make your overarching 90 day goals and break them down incrementally, ultimately focusing on your daily habits and to-do’s.

First, you’ll focus in on what you goals are, your motivations, and the steps you’ll be taking over the next 90 days. Next you create an overall plan for the month, making notes of any milestones and important dates. Then, each week you take time to reflect on the previous week and make more detailed plans for the upcoming one. Finally, you’ll write your daily action steps and to-do list. The repetition in this system will help you maintain focus while taking incremental steps to achieve your goals.

Design: Variety of neutral, color, and metallic covers, minimalist black and grey pages
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in
Start: Undated, start at the beginning of any month
Binding: Hard cover, bound
Duration: 90 days
Planning Style: Systematic planning and tracking monthly, weekly, and daily for five goals

Purchase at 90xGoalPlanner or on Amazon

Best Goal Planner for Flexibility

If you’re not already an EC addict, you might be after trying the Erin Condren Petite Planner Goal Setting Journal. A small notebook that will hold big goals!

Goal Planners, Erin Condren

How does this help me plan with flexibility? This planner will help you focus on and break down up to six goals. It is not based on a calendar or daily planning system which gives you the flexibility to plan short or long-term goals that may last one month or many years.

The biggest benefit of this type of unstructured goal planner is that it can help you keep track of goals with no solid timeline or goals that don’t involve daily action steps or additional habit tracking. Goals like buying a new home, paying off debt over time, or starting a new career are more nuanced and less time-constrained than, say, completing a 30 day fitness challenge.

Design: Traditional “colorful” EC colors, muted rainbow
Size: 5.7 x 8.25 in
Start: Undated, start any day
Binding: Soft cover, bound
Duration: Until your goals are complete
Planning Style: Flexible planning and break down of six goals with pages for reflection and journaling

Purchase at ErinCondren, on Amazon, or Etsy

Best Planner for Crushing Your Goals at Work

If you have goals at work or for your own business, the Passion Planner is an excellent choice to keep you on track on a daily basis.

How will this help me crush my work goals? This goal planner has a unique balance of looking at your overall life and long-term planning and tracking your steps toward them in tiny increments – down to an hour-to-hour basis.

This planner guides you through how to create a “passion road map” for your life and long term goals (mind mapping). You will then use this map to create your passion plan. Monthly and weekly layouts keep you focused with space for to-do lists, projects, and more thoughtful mapping.

What makes this goal planner excellent for work specifically is the weekly hourly layout. Most personal goals wouldn’t require such close tracking, but if part of your goal is scheduling sales calls, posting on multiple social media platforms, or holding multiple meetings each day, this hourly planner will come in handy.

Design: Seasonally released color covers or black, gray scale weekly and monthly pages
Size: Small 5.8 x 8.3, Medium 6.9 x 9.8, or Large 8.3 x 11.7 in
Start: Choice of undated (start any month), calendar year dated, or academic year (released in spring)
Binding: Soft cover, bound
Duration: 12 months
Planning Style: Mind mapping long-term goals, weekly/hourly planning and tracking of main focus, projects, and habits

Purchase at or on Amazon

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