You’re not what people expect…

Rainbow Watercolor Planner

You’re creative, but you’re not as free flowing as people imagine.

You’re organized, but you can’t conform to a system designed for someone else.

You are uniquely you. Both imaginative and detailed. Artistic and structured.

You planner is where every side of you can come together.

You can be creative and organized.


Just imagine…

Imagine a place where you can create with purpose.

A place that holds your dreams and all the steps to get to them.

A place that is uniquely you. No apologies.

That’s your planner.

Ashley from Plannerlove

Hey, I’m Ashley

I’ve been planning and journaling for what feels like my entire life. Even as a kid I was never one for sticker books. Collecting wasn’t enough – those stickers needed a goal!

Creative planning took on a more important purpose when life got tough.

When my family suffered a total loss of our home, everything we’d built was lost in an instant. At a time when there was no sunshine or rainbows in my life, I received a gift of hope.

Total strangers from the planner community sent me a care package full of planner supplies. It was a small gift to replace a little part of what we’d lost, but when I put sticker to paper and began to plan again, I was lifted up. On my darkest days, the sun is still shining and there is a rainbow in my planner. Planning was a source of hope.

I believe that planning is for everyone – not everyone in the generic sense. The uniquely creative, beautifully disorganized, trying-to-be-more-productive, goal oriented, dreamer… you.

I want to share my love of planning and the sense of hope it inspires.

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Talk soon,

Ashley from Plannerlove